Ralph Yarl to Meet with Ahmaud Arbery's Mother, Accepts White House Invite

Ralph Yarl to Meet with Ahmaud Arbery's Mother, Accepts White House Invite

April 19, 2023

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Ralph Yarl — the teenager who survived a close-range shooting which may have been racially motivated, is set to meet with the mother of Ahmaud Arbery … TMZ has learned.

Ahmaud’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, tells us she asked attorney Lee Merritt — who reps both her and Yarl’s family — if he could broker a face-to-face so that she could lend the Yarls some moral support during this difficult time … as she went through something similar.

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She says Lee thought it was a wonderful idea, and the wheels are already in motion for a sit-down between them in the near future — although it’s unclear exactly when. As you can imagine, Ralph is still recovering from being shot in the head … allegedly at the hands of Andrew Lester, who was slapped with criminal charges this week and who’s been arrested.

You might’ve heard … Ralph was apparently fired upon last week after he rang Lester’s doorbell — mistakenly thinking it was the house his younger siblings were at. His family and family attorneys believe race was a factor … something investigators are looking into now.

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In any case … Wanda says she thinks she can offer some good advice to both Ralph and his loved ones right now — telling us that the loss of her son, Ahmaud, came under very similar circumstances … which, sadly, had a much more tragic result.

She says she wants to let them know that they have her support and that they can get through this trying time … a road she herself has obviously gone down of late. Wanda tells us she’ll be praying for the Yarls through all this too … and hopes they receive justice.

BTW, Ralph’s story is already getting national attention … including from the White House, which we’re told has already reached out to invite him for an in-person visit once he’s ready.

Lee Merritt says Ralph is shocked by all the interest and well-wishes he’s receiving — especially from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. We’re told President Biden gave him a ring personally … and that Ralph couldn’t believe he was talking to POTUS. He’s accepted the warm welcome to the People’s House … but still needs to be cleared by docs before going.

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