Rachel Crow Talks Body Positivity, Drops ‘Up All Night’ Video!

Rachel Crow Talks Body Positivity, Drops ‘Up All Night’ Video!

February 22, 2019

Rachel Crow has released the music video for her song “Up All Night” and she’s opening up about how she’s embracing her body after initially being upset with how she looked in the video.

The 21-year-old singer told Nylon that she hated the video’s initial edit. She said, “I was down and out; crying, and I wasn’t even angry… I thought I looked really amazing on the day [of shooting], I saw the monitors. I couldn’t believe that I looked like that in front of people or that anyone saw that angle of me all day. I was mortified and embarrassed.”

In a world full of pressure where young people try to look like models and social media stars, Rachel is sharing how she learned to love herself.

“We need to stop looking at these beautiful women [on social media] who are editing themselves for this version of something we’ll never be able to touch. We’re not trying to get there. We’re just trying to be 100 percent ourselves,” she said.

“I’m really short, and my legs are maybe two feet long,” she added with a laugh. “And that’s okay, because that’s who I am. I just want people to see that I’m proud of myself for this, and I want them to feel proud of themselves.”

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