Presenting … 12 Celebrity Instagram Husbands Who Know Their Place in This World

Presenting … 12 Celebrity Instagram Husbands Who Know Their Place in This World

December 14, 2018

Okay, so the athlete and Jennifer Lopez aren’t married, but the longtime couple have a long history of documenting each other’s every flattering angle. 

Case in point.

She will be loved! The Maroon 5 singer clearly knows the key to wife Behati Prinsloo’s heart: Valentine’s Day chocolates and a sweet snap of her then-growing belly to document it. The two welcomed their second child, daughter Gio Grace, just one week after this shot.

Leave it to the Queen Bey to somehow manage to provide us with both the greatest elevator pose of all time and the greatest accidental mirror selfie of all time. Expect us to recreate Jay’s backbend for our next Insta post.

Before Tatum and Jenna Dewan split in April 2018, he was notably one of the most dedicated and prolific Instagram husbands, photographing Dewan everywhere from a London balcony (in lingerie!) to topless by a river on vacation. 

Keeping with the topless theme, he also insisted on snapping this stunning shot of a makeup-free Dewan while the two vacationed in Cabo, according to a #tbt post on her Instagram. “Too bad he’s not good at anything,” she joked about Tatum’s impressive photography skills (just look at that light!). 

Emily Ratajkowski’s husband showed off his skills behind the camera while the pair were on vacation, ensuring that his wife is always captured from her best angle. And it’s clear that Bear-McClard has an eye for the details: The supermodel posted a snap from a photo shoot where her husband was seen rubbing the model’s behind with oil to make sure it was picture-perfect.

Twenty years after their wedding, Kelly Ripa is clearly still her husband’s favorite muse. Although with scenery that gorgeous, who could blame him for wanting to capture it for posterity?

It turns out that in addition to being a Super Bowl-winning MVP, Russell Wilson is also an incredibly talented photographer. Seriously, his sultry portraits of wife Ciara look like they came from a fashion magazine!

Sure, he might have won five Super Bowl rings, but when it comes down to it, Brady’s most important job is to make sure that he’s always capturing his wife’s best angles.

Well, if this whole acting thing doesn’t work out for him, something tells us that Ryan Reynolds would make a pretty amazing fashion photographer. (He might just have to steady his hand a little first …)

Kanye is obsessed with art; Kanye is also obsessed with Kim Kardashian. Are we really surprised that he would want to style his wife in a bed sheet? (For the record, though, Kim thinks that her husband is a terrible photographer, but we’re sure he’s happy to settle for a creative director position.)

From Instagram husband to proud papa — it’s the natural progression of things.

The pose, the lighting, the casual yet artful way that Jessie’s hair is tousled underneath her crown: Truly, this is the Instagram photo that most husbands strive for, but few manage to achieve.

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