Pregnant Shaughna Phillips rushes to A&E after four days battling health issue

Pregnant Shaughna Phillips rushes to A&E after four days battling health issue

October 29, 2022

Pregnant Love Island star Shaughna Phillips has sought medical attention after suffering from a painful headache for four days.

In a post shared on Instagram, the 28 year old star – who is expecting her first baby with her mystery boyfriend – told fans that she’s gone to hospital this weekend.

Shaughna shared a pic of a hospital corridor, with a ‘Maternity Wards’ sign visible.

She wrote over the top: “Not the most fun Saturday I’ve had. Day 4 of this headache and it’s only getting worse so best to get checked out.”

“Heard lil baba’s heart beating nice and strong which is always amazing,” she added.

Shaughna announced her pregnancy earlier this month. The star was already 17 weeks along when she shared the joyous news, and she soon received an outpouring of messages from celebrity pals and fans alike.

In an exclusive interview with OK!, she told us all about her secret boyfriend, her shock at finding out she’s expecting and the cravings she’s had so far.

“I did the test and the line appeared in about 10 seconds,” she explained. “I thought I’d read it wrong at first. I was convinced I wasn’t pregnant.

Shaughna continued: “So I did another one, which was also positive. I then ran to the chemist to get a digital test and that said three-plus weeks, which is the most it goes up to.

“I had only just come off the pill a few weeks earlier after being on it for over 10 years, so I hadn’t had a period since March.

“I was a bit naive, but I thought you couldn’t get pregnant unless you’d had another period.

“When I was trying to work out how pregnant I was, I didn’t have a clue because I hadn’t had a period.”

Since announcing the news, Shaughna has been keeping fans up to date on how she’s doing and recently shared a beautiful pic of her bare baby bump.

Some Instagram followers have been trying to work out the gender of her baby. The 28 year old posted a teasing snap to her Instagram stories as she wrote: "Went shopping today for baby stuff and just noticed my belly in the bottom."

There are two items of clothing that can be seen in the snap, and at first glance, it looks like she could be having a boy, as a cream polo neck top with coloured stripes can be seen.

In the background, though, is a cute denim dress with flower embroidery and, on closer inspection, the length of the polo top could suggest it's actually a dress – meaning she could be having a baby girl.

Shaughna previouslyrevealed exclusively to OK!that she and her partner would like a little girl, but that they weren't planning on finding out the gender of their unborn child, as they're currently living at Shaughna's mum's house and they "don't have room for anything".


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