Porsha Williams’ Niece Feeds Baby Pilar In Adorable New Photo: ‘Happy 1 Month Baby’

Porsha Williams’ Niece Feeds Baby Pilar In Adorable New Photo: ‘Happy 1 Month Baby’

April 23, 2019

Porsha Williams’ adorable niece, Baleigh, was seen sweetly feeding Porsha’s one-month-old daughter Pilar from a bottle, in a new Instagram pic Porsha’s sister, Lauren posted on Apr. 22.

Porsha Williams‘ adorable one-month-old daughter, Pilar, was the apple of her cousin, Baleigh‘s eye on Apr. 22! Porsha’s sweet niece was seen feeding Pilar a bottle in a new photo Porsha’s sister and Baleigh’s mom, Lauren, posted to her Instagram. The proud aunt shared the adorable pic in celebration of Pilar turning one month and although she hid the baby girl’s face with an emoji, it was still such a heartwarming snapshot. “Happy 1 month babyyyy TiLo loves you sooo much!! @porsha4real,” Lauren captioned the photo.

Lauren’s latest pic is one of many shared of little Pilar. Porsha has been posting glimpses of the tot in various photos since her birth and although she hasn’t shared one showing her full face yet, it’s clear to see she’s every loving mama’s dream. Like Lauren, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star also shared a few photos in celebration of Pilar’s one month. They showed her standing in a white outfit while holding her precious cargo and smiling. “Y’all my baby is ONE MONTH OLD today!! @pilarjhena you are my world and caring for you these past 4 weeks have been the joy of my life! All of the learning moments and growing have made me that much greater a mom. I pray I continue to be the best me I can be for you my princess💋 #Happy4Weeks 🌈 #RainbowBaby,” Porsha captioned the pics.

In addition to the latest two posts about baby Pilar, Porsha posted a beautiful family photo that showed her posing with her fiance, Dennis McKinley, 42, and Pilar this past Easter Sunday, which was the bundle of joy’s first major holiday. “Celebrate the resurrection of our Lord🙌🏾👑🙏🏾 Rejoice he has risen! #BlessedAndHighlyFavored#TheMckinleys #Easter #FamilyFirst#MyWittleFamily,” she wrote with the photo.

We can’t wait to see more incredible pics of Pilar as she gets older. What a gem!

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