Penny Lancaster reveals song lyrics Rod Stewart used to convince her to ‘make a baby’

Penny Lancaster reveals song lyrics Rod Stewart used to convince her to ‘make a baby’

September 30, 2021

Penny Lancaster recalls moment she found out she was pregnant

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Penny Lancaster, 50, spoke openly on Loose Women today about how her rock star husband, Rod Stewart, 76 suggested they have a baby.

But then he decided, ‘Come on let’s make a baby’.

Penny Lancaster

Referring to a video earlier in the show, host Charlene White said: “Penny, did you put your pregnancy test into an ice popper and give it to Rod?”

Penny replied: “Not quite, but erm when Rod said, ‘Come on let’s make a baby’ we decided that was the road we would go down.”

Nadia Sawalha interrupted Penny before she could finish her sentence to question if he really said that.

The blonde model replied: “Yeah.

“It had been about six years since we’ve been together and for a long time we didn’t want to get married again and have children.”

She added: “But then he decided, ‘Come on let’s make a baby’.”

Nadia joked: “He could make a song out of that.”

Viewers at home were quick to comment that there was actually already a song out with those particular lyrics.

ConstantineCake tweeted: “#LooseWomen Nadia!! There is a song called Let’s make a baby” by Billy Paul!” (sic)

ChantalMascoe added: “There is a song out called that Nadia.”

The TV personality spoke further about her and Rod’s struggle to conceive and the miscarriages she suffered at that time.

She said: “I had a miscarriage and I was very cautious about building my hopes up, so I did a pregnancy test when I missed a period but sure enough it was positive.”

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Penny detailed how she surprised Rod with the good news as a Christmas gift.

She said: “It was a Christmas gift or birthday gift, I can’t remember now, and it was a guilt box for his desk and I put it inside and wrapped it up so when he opened it, that was his gift, you know.”

The couple met in 1999 when Rod agreed to let Penny take pictures of him on tour.

A romance soon developed, and it was announced in early 2005 the pair were expecting their first child together.

Their first child, Alastair Wallace Stewart was born on November 27, 2005.

On February 17, 2011, it was announced that Penny had given birth to their second child, Aiden Patrick Stewart.

In total, Rod has eight children by five different mothers.

He was estimated to have a fortune of £215 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List of 2021.

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