Penn Badgley Opens Up About Playing a ‘Stalker’ in ‘You’

Penn Badgley Opens Up About Playing a ‘Stalker’ in ‘You’

December 7, 2018

Penn Badgley strikes a thoughtful pose on the cover of Da Man magazine’s December 2018/January 2019 issue.

Here’s what the 32-year-old former Gossip Girl star had to share with the mag:

On his secret to portraying his You character, stalker Joe Goldberg, in a convincing way: “Never thinking of him as a stalker when I’m in it. He’s a human striving for things, desiring things. I personally detest him as a human, but he’s human. I always tried to keep his humanity in mind, so I couldn’t reduce him and fall into typical habits or beliefs about how he might do something.”

On whether particular parts of the story made him feel especially uncomfortable: “Yeah. The whole thing, really. I was extremely uncomfortable with Joe. He masturbates in public, he judges people incessantly … and he murders people. He’s not just a stalker. This is no secret. This does not seem to bother other people enough, however. That’s what is so strange to me.”

On dealing with the negative aspects of social media: “Lots of prayer and meditation. This is true for all things. Prayer and meditation are foundations of living.”

ICYMI, Lifetime’s You is moving to Netflix for its second season!

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