One Of Lindsay Lohan's "Beach Club" Cast Members Claims She's On Drugs

One Of Lindsay Lohan's "Beach Club" Cast Members Claims She's On Drugs

March 1, 2019

I tried watching Lohan’s Beach Club, I really did. But it was, very much, not a fun thing. Trust me, there is nothing fun about watching an emaciated circus clown berate a bunch of bewildered 20-somethings about their lack of professionalism through a Vaseline smeared lens. Lindsay Lohan‘s reality show is so shady and low-rent, you just know in your gut that there’s a gravy boat full of coke juuuuust off camera that some poor grip has to keep moving every time they set up a new shot. Not surprising to me then, that one of her “staff” members who was fired/kicked off the show, accused Lindsay of doing drugs in her parting shot.

According to Page Six, MTV Challenge alumni Kailah Casillas and now ex-Beach Clubambassador”, got “fired” for giving Lindsay lip while the “staff” were being lectured about tidiness. Which is rich coming from a Platinum Certified mess like Lindsay.

Page Six can exclusively reveal that Casillas gets fired this episode, which causes the reality star to lash out at Lohan, saying, “Continue doing all the drugs you do, Lindsay.”

On the show, Lohan brushes off Casillas’ comments, claiming the reality star was just throwing her past in her face. But Casillas told us she witnessed a lot of “uncomfortable” and “awkward” behavior from Lohan since day one.

Kaila explained:

“It kind of slipped,” Casillas told Page Six. “I can’t say that I saw anything, because I’m really not trying to get myself in trouble, but I can say that from my own personal opinion, I do not think that she was sober whatsoever.”

The good news for Kaila is that I hear she’s landed another job. As soon as she said, “I do not think that she was sober whatsoever,” she was given the prestigious position of Dean of DUHs at DUH University in DUHville.


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