Oh no, the Sussexes are shutting down MWX, their UK-based foundation

Oh no, the Sussexes are shutting down MWX, their UK-based foundation

May 19, 2021

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not going back to the UK. Maybe Harry will visit for funerals or coronations, but I doubt Meghan will travel there for a few years. They’re in brand-building mode here in America and the Archewell brand is already very strong. They co-chaired the massively successful Vax Live event. Harry and Meghan’s fundraiser for Archie’s second birthday has raised $1.88 million for Covid vaccines through the Vaccine Alliance. They’re partnering with Procter & Gamble to fund projects for Girls Inc., Harvest Home, and National Women’s Law Center. They are Sussex Global. So there’s no need for Sussex Dusty Island. Harry & Meghan are formally shutting down the proto-Archewell they began in the UK in 2019.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now formally shutting down their UK-based Sussex Royal company in another sign that they are severing ties with Britain. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have appointed a voluntary liquidator to wind up the London-based charity, which they renamed MWX Trading in August last year.

Documents filed with Companies House today show that the couple, who now live in a £11million mansion in Montecito, California, have requested to wind up MWX. They have never revealed what MWX stands for, although suggestions include Markle Windsor or Mountbatten Windsor, referring to their son Archie’s name.

On August 5, 2020, the couple officially changed the charity’s name from ‘Sussex Royal The Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ to MWX Foundation. This came after Harry, 36, and Meghan, 39, agreed to stop using their Sussex Royal brand after officially stepping down as senior royals on April 1 last year. The couple established the company MWX Trading Ltd in August 2019, naming their now-former lawyer Gerrard Tyrrell of Harbottle and Lewis as its secretary.

[From The Daily Mail]

There are salty British people complaining about how this is just one more “signal” that Poor Harry is “cutting ties” with Britain. Like, have they been paying attention? He cut ties a while ago, when y’all were abusing his pregnant wife. Harry and Meghan even gave y’all the chance to keep them on part-time, but the Queen and Charles were too short-sighted to take them up on the offer. So here we are.

Speaking of salty British people, the Daily Express did a lil’ poll of their readers to see if any of them were interested in watching Harry’s AppleTV+ series, The Me You Can’t See. 98% of respondents said that “in light of Harry’s recent outbursts [they] would not view the programmes.” OH NO. Whatever will AppleTV do??

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