Noah Centineo Just Got Caught in a Very Unexpected Love Triangle

Noah Centineo Just Got Caught in a Very Unexpected Love Triangle

December 22, 2018

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Noah Centineo is in love, you guys. Well, maybe not for real, but who’s to say? The Instagram account, Comments By Celebs captured the TATBILB star spilling his love for another celebrity, and it’s probably not anyone you’d guess right away.

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Looks like you’re unaccounted for, @ncentineo. #CommentsByCelebs

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In case you don’t believe your own eyes, yes, that is a screenshot of Noah telling Jaden Smith that he loves him. And yes, that is also a very jealous Justin Bieber dropping in to start some shit by commenting, “thought I was your boyfriend.” It seems like Justin was responding to Noah trying to cuff Jaden, when the Biebs had him first. BUT, if you dig a bit deeper, Justin could mean something else entirely.

You see, an old video of a 16-year-old Noah dancing to JB’s song “Boyfriend” recently resurfaced. Reread the comments with that knowledge, and it feels a bit more like Justin is actually being protective of Noah, and not Jaden.

This is potentially the most riveting celebrity love triangle in history. I NEED to know more. Was Biebs just sitting staring at his phone, scrolling through Instagram when he caught Noah commenting on Jaden’s photo and found himself completely taken over with rage? And what does his new wife Hailey Baldwin think of all this?

At this point, if you identify as one of Noah’s unrequited Internet lovers, you’re probably used to him pulling moves like this. Remember when he told Cosmo that he might propose to Lana Condor? Like, when is he finally going to “joke” flirt with me?

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