No, Prince William & Kate probably won’t ‘move out’ of Kensington Palace

No, Prince William & Kate probably won’t ‘move out’ of Kensington Palace

April 6, 2022

This week’s story about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s move to Windsor was just another in a stream of similar stories which started last summer. It was pretty curious back then, all of the sudden talk about how William and Kate “felt overlooked” at Kensington Palace, and they were longing to live in a more country/suburban area. Personally, I feel like many of the stories were directed at the Queen and Prince Charles, meaning that the Cambridges were begging Charles to arrange for them to be given some lavish castle or palace. The Cambridges have reportedly spent a lot of time in Berkshire/Windsor over the past year, looking at properties and checking out schools and such. They are said to be quite eager to “start a quiet life in the country.”

Throughout all of the months of reporting on this “move to Windsor,” no one has claimed that William and Kate intend to move out of Kensington Palace Apartment 1, which is their mansion-within-the-palace in London. If anything, there’s been some muttering about how they might give up Anmer Hall, their Norfolk home on the Sandringham estate, but nothing about William and Kate leaving Kensington Palace. Then this week’s story came out and suddenly the headlines include “Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Moving Out of Kensington Palace, Too” and “Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Moving Out of Kensington Palace This Summer.” The problem? None of the reporting has indicated anything like that.

This may come back to bite me on the ass, but my prediction is that they keep KP Apartment 1 AND Anmer Hall and they get this third property in Windsor. My prediction is that they don’t go with a private estate, that they’ll whine and bargain and keen their way to one of the grandest royal mansions on the Windsor estate, likely Frogmore House. Then they’ll “move in” over the summer and the kids will start their new schools in Windsor for the fall term. Kate will obviously be mostly based out of Windsor. But William will be more London-based, I would assume. This won’t be a huge splashy separation, it will be more like an extension of their already-separate lives, only this time with a new house. This arrangement will also save them a lot of criticism, bizarrely, because Kensington Palace was renovated at a huge cost to the taxpayer. It would “look bad” if they moved out of KP completely. And why would they? It’s not like there are other royals dying to move into KP Apartment 1. So they’ll honestly have three homes. Again, if they give up anything, it will probably be Anmer (but again, I doubt it).

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