Nina Warhurst responds to online troll’s ‘pathetic grin’ comment

Nina Warhurst responds to online troll’s ‘pathetic grin’ comment

April 30, 2023

Nina Warhurst, 42, and her BBC Breakfast co-stars help viewers across the nation wake up by sharing the most relevant news in a timely manner at 7am.

However, one online troll did not seem impressed this morning as they took aim at the star and her co-host Ben Boulos’ appearance.

In a now-deleted tweet, the incensed critic branded Boulos “Bland Bloke” and claimed Warhurst had a “pathetic grin”.

The social media user wrote: “I am watching @BBCBreakfast with the Bland Bloke by ‘name and nature’ and @NinaWarhurst wearing a pathetic grin.

“Talking Coronation and mental health in Scotland. Any bright sunny news or is this the norm with you two?”

Reacting to the tweet in view of her 42,700 followers, Warhurst proved she can turn the other cheek to hateful comments by wishing the troll a “lovely day”.

She typed: “Love this. ‘Can you be brighter and sunnier? I’ll start by throwing some personal insults your way.’

“Have a lovely day, Stephen,” Nina, who is pregnant with her third child, added alongside a winking emoji.

Last month, Nina confirmed her pregnancy with an Instagram post that featured stunning photographs of her growing baby bump.

The presenter told her followers that she is due in the summer and that the first few months of her pregnancy had been “funky”.

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She wrote in the caption: “Happy Mother’s Day to all of those who are any part of this endless handover of love, values, genes, chaos and perpetually crumb-infested kitchens.

“I’d like to say ‘you got this Mama!’ But maybe you haven’t. I dunno. It’s hard isn’t it? That said we are doing it again.

“It’s been a funky few months… involving intense migraines, vomiting, morning kebabs, first-time acne, small acts of violence against fruit, afternoon kebabs, tears, spontaneous snoozes, anxiety and more kebabs.

“I am settling into the middle chunk (emphasis on chunk) and enjoying the wonders of Mother Nature and her tiny kicks and flutters.” (sic)

Nina and her husband Ted already share two sons, Digby and Michael, who were born in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

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