Nina Agdal reveals struggles with anxiety during Fashion Week

Nina Agdal reveals struggles with anxiety during Fashion Week

February 8, 2019

Nina Agdal may be used to walking the runway and appearing at fashion events, but she revealed Fashion Week is when her anxiety is at its peak.

“I haven’t had a panick [sic] attack in a long time but for some reason i was hit with one last night,” she wrote in a lengthy Instagram post on Thursday. “As i have expressed before I’ve been dealing with anxiety for quite some time now and some days are worse than others, but during fashion week it explodes.”

The model, 26, who attended the amfAR Gala last night, said this time of year brings on “crippling anxiety from the stress and countless events.”

In preparation for hundreds of models descending upon New York for Fashion Week, Agdal wrote if she seems “off” when people see her, it’s nothing personal.

“Its not because ‘I’ve lost it’ or have anything against you,” she explained. “It’s simply because i get so overwhelmed these days that my brain capacity is 10% of what it normally is and I struggle to have a conversation so i avoid it.”

But Agdal, who regularly shows off her bubbly personality on her Instagram story and YouTube show ‘Quirky is the New Black,’ assured followers that she’s a people person, but gets easily overwhelmed in “big settings,” and may leave an event early.

She also wrote that she doesn’t depend on alcohol to calm her nerves.

“I wanted to be honest, cus [sic] last night was rough,” she admitted.

The model, who’s been dating Jack Brinkley-Cook since June 2017, ended her note with a message to her followers also suffering from mental health issues.

“Nothing is more important than mental health, and anxiety doesn’t define me,” she wrote. “I’m working hard on building a solid foundation for myself but like anything else it takes time and effort. And to everyone who has these moments, you’re not alone, so lets talk about it, take the power out of it and back into us.”

Agdal was spotted at the L’Agence X Daily Front Row dinner on Tuesday night kicking off Fashion Week festivities.

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