Nicki Minaj Fans Trolling Cardi B After Offset Split: See Hilarious Tweets & Memes

Nicki Minaj Fans Trolling Cardi B After Offset Split: See Hilarious Tweets & Memes

December 6, 2018

Once Cardi B announced her split from Offset, Nicki Minaj fans flooded Twitter to throw in their two cents. Of course, many of them couldn’t help but mock Nicki’s nemesis for the failed relationship.

So far, Nicki Minaj has kept her mouth shut regarding Cardi B and Offset’s shocking split…but that hasn’t stopped her fans from weighing in! Nicki’s loyal supporters have taken the breakup as an opportunity to troll Cardi on social media, and they have NOT been gentle. “Member when y’all said Nicki was jealous of Cardi because Cardi was “married” and had a baby before her?” someone wrote. “Member when y’all said that? Now look, Cardi a single mother & has her first divorce all before 30…having a kid and a man doesn’t make u better than the next female!”

Someone else added, “So are y’all gonna apologize to #NickiMinaj when y’all were calling her bitter and jealous about Cardi B’s “fairytale” marriage?: Others joked that Cardi and Offset’s breakup is perfect ammunition for Nicki to drop a killer new song and completely outshine her foe in more ways than one. Cardi confirmed she and Offset had separated in an Instagram video on Dec. 5. She confirmed that the two “got a lot of love for each other,” but admitted that “things have just not been working out” for “a long time.”

She said that the split is “nobody’s fault,” and point-blank let fans know: “We are not together anymore.” However, she added that an actual divorce wasn’t underway just yet. Cardi concluded her message by praising her ex. “I’m going to always have a lot of love for him because he is my daughter’s father,” she said.

Offset proposed to Cardi during a concert in Oct. 2017. However, earlier this year, the pair confirmed that they had actually gotten married a month before that! Their daughter, Kulture, was born in July 2018.

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