Nick Knowles slams anti-lockdown protesters as he urges police take control in ‘riot gear’

Nick Knowles slams anti-lockdown protesters as he urges police take control in ‘riot gear’

April 25, 2021

Hyde Park: Lockdown protestors clash with Met Police

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Nick Knowles, 58, was left “tired” after seeing photos from Hyde Park, London yesterday where protesters clashed with police as they opposed the ongoing coronavirus restrictions in the UK. The DIY SOS host said on his Twitter that it is time for police to take control of demonstrations in “full riot gear”, as he urged the government to stop “virtue signalling”.

I’m tired of seeing this

Nick Knowles

Nick shared a post from John Apter, a serving police officer and chairman of the Police Federation in view of his 159,1000 followers.

The tweet read: “Thoughts are with my @metpoliceuk colleagues who really are that thin blue line in Hyde Park tonight. 

“Facing provocation, missiles being thrown, cameras being stuffed in their faces and more. 

“People who criticise them from their armchairs wouldn’t last one minute in their shoes,” he added.

The post from John included a video of police trying to hold back protesters while the crowd became increasingly rowdy.

Alongside the post, Nick typed: “Look at the press loving every minute of watching a small group of police being attacked by much larger numbers of a feral cowardly mob.

“I’m tired of seeing this. Start demonstrations with police in full riot control gear and stop virtue signalling at the expense of police safety.”

Underneath fans shared their thoughts on the matter, as they weighed in on the issue.

One said: “It’s disgusting! These protests now lose the value of what they’re meant to be. They now are just an excuse for feral people to cause trouble and be violent. Disgusting behaviour. I’m so sick of this now.”

Another replied: “Not only the attacks themselves but the negative effect they have on the message of the protest. I often wonder if people with no interest in the message go to them with the sole intention of violence.”

A third said: “It’s basic health & safety for the officers being deployed, but the reoccurring theme for years has been that full Public Order kit is too ‘oppressive’ and intimidating, the same reason the bars were taken from riot vans windscreens, all perception no care for protecting their own.”

While a fourth commented: “I agree to a certain degree, in this case, it does seem to escalate quickly compared to the initial attendance and the were quickly swapped out for code 2 officers. What is needed is more ability to go forward.”

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Eight police officers were harmed as they dispersed crowds amid the anti-lockdown demonstration at Hyde Park.

Missiles including bottles were thrown during small pockets of disorder, and two officers were taken to hospital, the force said.

They are not thought to be seriously injured.

Three people were arrested for offences including assault on police, and are in custody.

The incidents occurred as anti-lockdown protesters gathered across central London in Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Park Lane.

They held banners with messages such as: “Covid-19 Vaccine Holocaust” and “No To Vaccine Passports.”

Another read: “You don’t need proof to know truth.”

The Met had released a statement ahead of the event, in which the force said it “strongly advises people not to attend any large gathering, for the protection of yourselves and others”.

“We are still in the middle of a global pandemic,” the statement added.

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