Nev Schulman’s brilliant last-minute holiday gift idea

Nev Schulman’s brilliant last-minute holiday gift idea

December 5, 2018

The perfect last-minute gift is the one that belongs in your stomach, according to Nev Schulman.

“You can always just call and have a pizza delivered,” the “Catfish” star recently told Page Six. “I mean, honestly, who’s not going to be happy to get a knock on their door with a pizza delivery that’s like, ‘Hey, so-and-so sent you this pizza tonight.’”

While Schulman, 34, doesn’t advise delivering on Dec. 25, any day around Christmas should suffice.

“In the days before or after, what a fun, bonus way to start ringing in the holidays,” he said.

As for gifting presents without a price tag, Schulman suggests getting creative.

“The best holiday gift for your whole family is probably actually a gif,” he noted. “You can make a gif of you saying, ‘Happy Holidays, I love you,’ and then you can email it to your whole family. Cheap, easy.”

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