Molly and Zach: ‘Kady’s an ex we’d rather not think about – we’re leaving her behind’

Molly and Zach: ‘Kady’s an ex we’d rather not think about – we’re leaving her behind’

August 14, 2023

Speaking exclusive about boyfriend Zachariah Noble's fling with co-star Kady McDermott for the first time since leaving Love Island, Molly Marsh tells OK! she wants their 'situationship' left in the past.

"We expected this to come up because she’s been part of our journey and where we are now is because of everything we’ve gone through," Molly tells us during our at-home shoot.

"But I think it’d be a bit of an awkward friendship," the blonde beauty savagely adds. "I’d kind of rather not.

"I explained it before as like having an ex in your house every day. That was the feeling I had, and it was just one that I’d rather not have to think about. We’re moving on and leaving it behind."

It seems as though Molly, 21, has taken a leaf out of two-time villa guest Kady, 27, who during the Love Island reunion show last week admitted she didn't see them lasting as a couple.

Host Maya Jama asked Kady: "Let's get straight into it, you had a big impact on Molly and Zach's journey in the villa – did you imagine them getting to the final?"

Kady replied: "Um, when Molly got dumped, no, but when she came back – yeah. At the end, yeah."

Molly and Zach felt a mutual connection at the end of the series, opting to couple up together until 2016 islander Kady entered the villa as a bombshell.

Kady chose to recouple with Zach, resulting in Molly being sent home from the villa in this season’s most shocking moment, only for her to be brought back in Casa Amor.

Sharing his views on his ex-fling, Zach, 28, insists, "There’s no bad blood from my side. I’m grown up enough to know not everyone in your life is meant to be a friend."

He adds: "There wasn’t anyone in the villa I didn’t like, but there’s something that I learned from everyone and that’s the best way I can explain it."

Personal trainer and basketball player Zach – who quickly recoupled with Molly again after she re-entered the villa, before the couple landed fourth in the grand finale – also jibed: "Friendship with Kady? Nah.

"I don’t really see that blossoming anytime soon, but being civil? 100%."

And looking to the future, Zach described Molly as "everything I want".

"It’s weird to think that it’s all come about in a two-month span," he continues. "I feel no pressure from you and no pressure from myself. Like it’s just how things are meant to be and this is the best I’ve felt about anything.

"So I’m very happy with how this is going. And I’m very happy with where I think it’s going to lead to."

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