Model Tales Soares’ Family ‘Very Scared and Devastated’ After He Died on Catwalk

Model Tales Soares’ Family ‘Very Scared and Devastated’ After He Died on Catwalk

April 29, 2019

AceShowbiz -The fashion world was shocked by the unexpected death of model Tales Soares. The Brazilian stunner, who participated in Sao Paulo Fashion Week, was pronounced dead after he collapsed while strutting his stuff on the catwalk during Ocksa’s show on Saturday, April 27. He was 26.

In a video which has surfaced online, Soares was seen walking to the end of the catwalk and turning back before staggering to the floor. According to multiple report, the audience initially thought it was part of the show, but he started foaming at the mouth. Firefighters were quick to check on Soares and carried him off the stage.

Soares was then transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Rogerio Campaneli, the late model’s agent, confirmed the devastating news in a statement, revealing that the doctors suspected Soared might have suffered from an undiagnosed birth defect. “This has been a shocking series of events that we’re trying hard to piece together. But everything happened so suddenly and unexpectedly,” he stated.

“Doctors suspect that Tales might have had a congenital problem. From videos, they believe he died on the catwalk,” Campaneli continued. “It was all so fast: he kissed a friend behind the scenes who was following him, walked out confidently as usual, then suddenly stumbled, lost his footing and fell.”

His family has also broken their silence on his sudden death, with his sister Gabrielle Gomes admitting that both she and her mother were “very scared and devastated by what happened.” Gomes added, “He was very healthy, ate healthily and exercised every day. He did cross fit and yoga. My mother called to find out what was going on, they said that Tales had been taken ill and hospitalized and shortly after, the organization called again and said he had died.”

Soares’ cause of death is currently being investigated.

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