Miley Had an Extremely Chill Reaction to Her Leaked Wedding Photos

Miley Had an Extremely Chill Reaction to Her Leaked Wedding Photos

January 11, 2019

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth were able to pull off one of the most anticipated weddings in total secret—well, almost. The couple tied the knot on December 23 in a hush-hush ceremony at Cyrus’ home in Tennessee with only family and close friends; but despite their no-photo policy, a few snaps still leaked online and sent fans into a frenzy.

Miley’s sister, Brandi Cyrus, discussed the privacy of the event on Wednesday’s episode of her Your Favorite Thing podcast with Wells Adams. “Even with family and close friends, they still made a point to say, ‘Hey guys, this is a private thing for a reason. We love you all, but please don’t take photos,'” she said, per Us Weekly.

However, one of Hemsworth’s friends, Conrad Carr, genuinely missed the memo and posted a few shots onto his Instagram stories, which fans eventually found and spread on social media. “He feels really bad,” Brandi said. “I didn’t really ask what happened, but I think from what he said, no one told him not to post about it, so he didn’t know.”

Miley apparently had no hard feelings; she “doesn’t really care” that the photos leaked, Brandi said. A few days after the ceremony, on December 26, the bride and groom posted photos from the wedding onto their own Instagram accounts, thus confirming their secret marriage. The shots include a kissing selfie and a sweet shot of the newlyweds embracing.

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Brandi added that Miley and Liam have been wanting a small, private wedding from the start. “Whenever they’ve talked about getting married, they’ve always wanted to keep it very small and it just be the family and just be at the house,” Cyrus added in the podcast. “That’s always been what they wanted.”

In fact, the only one of Miley’s friends present was her best friend Jessie, and Liam had a few friends visiting from Australia. Both of their families were also in attendance.

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