Migos’ Takeoff Accused Of Rape In New Lawsuit

Migos’ Takeoff Accused Of Rape In New Lawsuit

August 11, 2020

Hip-hop trio MigosTakeoff has been sued by a Los Angeles woman who alleges that he raped her at a house party in June.

The unnamed woman, who filed the lawsuit on Wednesday, August 5, in Los Angeles Superior Court, claims the incident occurred on June 22 at a party in Encino, California.

The Jane Doe is suing Takeoff for damages over sexual battery, assault, emotional distress, false imprisonment, and more. Takeoff has denied the allegations.

According to the suit, the victim was invited to the party by DJ Daryl “Durel” McPherson and when she arrived, loud music was playing and Takeoff arrived sometime later.

The plaintiff told the party’s host that Takeoff had made her uncomfortable and the host offered to take her upstairs. Takeoff was walking up the staircase as Doe and the host were going up, and the host engaged in an argument with Takeoff, according to the documents.

She was waiting for McPherson in his bedroom when Takeoff walked in and began touching her. The woman says she refused Takeoff’s advances and told him she did not want to have sex with him, but that he then forcefully raped her.

The women later sought medical care at a nearby hospital, according to her attorney Neama Rahmani.

“She’s terrified,” Rahmani said in a statement. “There’s a significant disparity in wealth and power. He’s a famous artist, he had security, there were weapons on the premises. She is someone who doesn’t have those resources and is also concerned about safety and retaliation. That adds an extra element in a case like this when he’s rich and powerful.”

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