MIC’s James and Maeva insist they ‘knew they’d get back together’ despite ‘volatile’ fights

MIC’s James and Maeva insist they ‘knew they’d get back together’ despite ‘volatile’ fights

November 8, 2021

Made in Chelsea on/off couple James Taylor and Maeva D’Ascanio have kept us entertained with their romance dramas this season.

Fans watched as French beauty Maeva risked everything and looked about to hook up with ex Miles who returned to the series this year (and even speaks the lingo!), and the chemistry between the pair was hard to ignore.

Some wanted her to go for it, while others screamed at the TV that she should stick with handsome, rich, and ready to commit James.

And now, we can reveal exclusively that Team James shouldn’t have been worried.

Maeva – who is no stranger to on-screen fights and has even being 'trolled' for her heated spat with a co-star – and James have exclusively told new! that this has just been a blip in their two year romance.

In this week’s episode, fans will see Maeva, 29, and James, 26, fall back together, and put the past behind them.

And insisting that they always knew things would work out, Maeva told us: "It’s a proper love story."

“If the love goes away or someone cheats, I might have thought it was over. But no, in my gut I knew we’d be back together,” James adds, whilst agreeing that this series has caught their most “explosive rows we’ve had."

"It hit DEFCON 1," he added.

Maeva said that she does have a few regrets from this season, and although their relationship may continue to be fiery, she is ready to plan for the future.

“We have a passionate relationship,” she said. “We come from different cultures and sometimes clash, as I can be more intense. The fact that we took some risks and were testing each other was unhealthy. But I think we knew we were going to get back together.”

James added that although they are now past it, it did look like it could have gone either way as fans saw this series.

“That was the gamble. We fought fire with fire but luckily it worked in the end," he concluded.

Made in Chelsea airs Mondays at 9pm on E4. Read James and Maeva's full interview here.

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