Michael Keaton Will Be the Main Batman in Upcoming DC Extended Universe Films

Michael Keaton Will Be the Main Batman in Upcoming DC Extended Universe Films

January 4, 2021

Batman Returns is two things: the title of Michael Keaton’s second (and final) outing as Bruce Wayne/Batman with director Tim Burton, and also what Keaton will now officially be doing in a series of upcoming DC movies. A report last year from The Hollywood Reporter first said that the Academy Award-nominated actor and former Dark Knight was in talks to return, and now a New York Times report from Brooks Barnes officially confirms that Keaton will return as Batman/Bruce Wayne in a series of upcoming films.

As the Times report states, Keaton, along with previous Batman Ben Affleck, will both appear in The Flash, scheduled for release in 2022. The movie will deal with a multiverse, with Affleck as Batman in one dimension, and Keaton as Batman in the other. This also opens the door for Robert Pattinson’s Batman, who has already been confirmed to have his own trilogy of films which will exist in their own dimension. Complicated stuff! But not that complicated.

Many fans online have heard this story of an older Bruce Wayne (Keaton turned 69 last September) being cast, and had their mind jump immediately to Batman Beyond, the early 2000s cartoon that saw an older Bruce Wayne take on a young apprentice named Terry McGinnis (the show now streams on HBO Max and if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it). If The Flash is used as an intro to this new version of Batman, a Batman Beyond movie might not be far behind. Think about how the MCU’s Spider-Man and Black Panther were both introduced in Captain America: Civil War. One of these upcoming movies could include a taste of a live action Batman Beyond that could potentially, if done right, lead to a stand alone movie.

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