Mets' Jeff McNeil Says Starling Marte Gifted Him Rolex For Jersey Number

Mets' Jeff McNeil Says Starling Marte Gifted Him Rolex For Jersey Number

February 22, 2023

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MLB star Starling Marte wanted the #6 so badly with his new Mets squad … his teammate, Jeff McNeil, said the outfielder gave up a pricey watch for it!

McNeil explained the trade to writer Anthony DiComo prior to New York’s game against the San Francisco Giants on Tuesday … saying after he gave away his NY #6 to Marte before the year, Starling returned the favor recently by getting him a Rolex.

McNeil had worn the number since 2019, but switched to #1 after making the deal with Marte, who signed with the Mets this offseason after playing for Oakland and Miami last year.

As for if it was worth it … McNeil told DiComo, while grinning, that the watch was very nice.

No word on what the timepiece cost … but most Rolexes come with a hefty four-, five- or even 6-figure price tag.

Of course, Marte signed a 4-year, $78 million contract with the Mets … so he could certainly afford it.

Trades like these happen fairly often in sports — but sometimes they can end up disastrous … you’ll recall, Clinton Portis and his former teammate Ifeanyi Ohalete got in such a dispute over payment for a jersey number back in the day that they actually ended up in civil court over it all.

Doesn’t seem the Marte/McNeil swap has any shot of reaching that point … especially ’cause both dudes are off to great starts this season in their new threads.

So … enjoy the watch, Jeff!

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