Meghan Markle Urged To Fix Tyrant-Like Rumors With Queen’s Help

Meghan Markle Urged To Fix Tyrant-Like Rumors With Queen’s Help

December 3, 2018

A cup of tea with the queen is the setting for Meghan Markle to soak up the royal experience after the recent negative headlines.

It looks like Meghan Markle is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the explosive reports making her out to be a royal tyrant. Despite Buckingham Palace putting the lid on the rumored row between Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, the headlines still persist.

Meghan has never publicly addressed anything that’s been said negatively about her in the media. The royal family members usually don’t address rumors at all, but this latest bout of Meghan rumors have gone too far.

Buckingham Palace actually did speak out this time around by issuing a rare statement. They called the rumors “false” regarding the Meghan and Kate feud.

“Meghan Markle will turn to the Queen to help her through a royal row with Kate,” according to the Express.

While there is no royal row, the headlines won’t stop, and it looks like the queen is the one person who can help Meghan through this. According to one of the palace aids, the queen wants to help Meghan put the rumors to rest about her strained relationship with Kate Middleton.

Queen Elizabeth has seen it all, don’t forget she’s lived through so many ups and downs in the headlines over the years. The queen is a much loved public figure who’s survived the rumors about her and her royal loved ones in the past.

Meghan’s best bet is to let the queen take her under her wing and guide her through this. The helpful advice the queen can offer Meghan might just do the trick.

“Meghan would do well to nurture that relationship and pop over for the occasional cup of tea with the Queen,” the palace aide said.

Apparently, Queen Elizabeth has done this before, help guide a royal through a tough time in the press. Back in 1999, after Sophie married Prince Edward, she was inundated with reports of “tensions behind the scenes,” writes The Express.

Sophie connected with the queen and developed an extremely close relationship with her mother-in-law. That was early on in her marriage, and she’s enjoyed a rather quiet life out of the headlines through the years.

Sophie would stop in and chat with the queen. She would also take the kids over to see their grandmother and they’d spend time together while watching TV. Their relationship is still very close and there’s not much Sophie won’t discuss with her mother-in-law, the queen of England.

If Meghan did seek out the advice of the queen, she’d be very welcome company for the queen. The palace aide added that, “Meghan doesn’t need an invitation – this is family after all.” Meghan’s urged to pop in and see the queen who holds a treasure-trove of knowledge from her decades on the throne.

As far as what this royal aide had to say about Meghan’s impact on the royal staff, it seems there’s a mixed bag of opinions. Some have really taken to Meghan and some find her “a little pushy,” but this aide stated that Meghan is simply not afraid to express her opinion. Will the queen save the day when it comes Meghan Markle being showered with rumors?

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