Meghan Markle may be trying to ‘spice up’ her relationship with Harry

Meghan Markle may be trying to ‘spice up’ her relationship with Harry

July 20, 2023

Harry & Meghan documentary series teased in Netflix trailer

Meghan Markle may be trying to “reignite passion” for her husband Prince Harry after she was spotted buying “erotic flowers”.

The Duchess recently took a trip to the Santa Barbara Certified Farmers Market to soak up the California sun and purchase some fresh goods.

She attended the market with her security team as well as one of their beagles.

Meghan was apparently seen reaching for some “exotic phalaenopsis orchids” during her visit, which she took without Harry in tow.

Victorian floriographer Emma Brankin has now claimed the former Royal could be making a “grand gesture” with the flowers.

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Not only are they known for “gracing the wealthiest of homes”, but they’re also known as a symbol of passion.

Brankin told the Mirror the “[phalaenopsis orchids] historically symbolize passion and are still considered by some to be one of the most erotic flowers available today.”

Her comments come after false reports Harry and Meghan’s relationship was on the rocks.

Family friend Karl Larsen recently set the record straight when he took to Instagram after spending the day with the Sussexes.

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Under some snaps of the couple, he wrote: “So nice to see my friends Harry and Meghan on Friday before they got away for the long weekend.

“Please do not believe the media. They are very much in love, and are happy together nothing but smiles and laughter here.”

Although the Sussexes are apparently still going strong, Meghan allegedly broke a rule at the market by bringing her beagle along.

In snaps obtained by the Daily Mail, a sign at the market reads: “NO DOGS ALLOWED with the exception of recognized service animals… we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

Yelp reviews seem to validate this, although one user said “many folks were cheating” by bringing their dogs in.

The couple will also be celebrating the continued success of their Netflix documentary, Harry & Meghan, which was released last year.

Their doc was one of the most-watched shows on the streaming platform last year and scored them a nomination at this year’s Hollywood Critics Association TV Awards.

However, they’ll be waiting a little longer than expected to find out whether their documentary won as the ceremony has been pushed back due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

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