Maura Higgins laps up the rays as she poses in black bikini on holiday

Maura Higgins laps up the rays as she poses in black bikini on holiday

May 14, 2022

Maura Higgins has driven Instagram fans wild posting a picture in a stunning black bikini whilst on holiday.

The 31 year old Love Island star, who shot to fame on the show in 2019, posted a series of steamy snaps to Instagram showing her in the black two piece with gold link detailing.

She flaunted her enviable figure and had her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail.

The star posted the picture with a simple caption: "Favourite Fridays.."

Fans flooded to the comments section and posted positive comments, where her whopping 3.4 million Instagram followers described the brunette beauty as "dreamy" and a "goddess".

One wrote: "Goddesssss" followed by a series of fire and love heart emojis.

Another said: "Bloooody dreamy you are bubs."

And a third added: "Sensational."

There were some famous faces in the comments section too.

Love Island star Faye Winter commented: "She the one" followed by love heart eye emojis.

Influencer Emily Shak wrote: "Insane" with four fire emojis.

Despite her incredible body and adoring fans, Maura recently confessed to The Sun that she regularly receives negative comments about her looks.

She said: "I get it all the time. I get it so much. People writing ‘Go and get a boob job’ or, ‘You’re too skinny'.

"I can be bad for [reading the comments]. But I’ve got better. Now I’m a bit like ‘I’m 31 – whatever.’

"Mammies do have the best advice. I tell mine everything, and I mean everything. There’s nothing I don’t tell her.

“I’ve always spoken to my mammy about it and asked ‘Why is it OK for people to turn around to your face and say ‘God, you’re too skinny’? Would you ever say to somebody ‘God, you’re too fat’? No, you wouldn’t'.

This comes after Maura Higgins recently reassured fans she is feeling much better after being stuck in bed for days with a mystery illness.

Maura also explained that she was on a mission to gain weight after losing a stone due to no appetite during her illness.

She shared an image of a huge box of yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts and boxes of takeaway food that she was eating after getting her appetite back.

This comes after Maura said she was "living off cereal" for the past few days after coming down with a sickness.

The star said: "I don't think I've ever been so unwell", and posted a photo of a bathtub, adding: "After three full days in bed, I finally have the energy to wash myself. (Disgusting, I know)."

In a video, she added: "And if you are wondering what that noise is, it is a fan, because the sweat that is protruding out through my body I can't even explain.

"If I have not lost a stone from this illness, I'll be shocked."

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