Matthew Koma Wrote the Sweetest One Year Anniversary Note to Hilary Duff

Matthew Koma Wrote the Sweetest One Year Anniversary Note to Hilary Duff

December 22, 2020

Hello, hi, yesterday was Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma’s one-year anniversary, how did you celebrate? Hopefully with a Lizzie McGuire binge, but to each their own. ANYWAY! Matthew really outdid himself in the romance department, hopping on Instagram to write an incredibly sweet and lengthy note to Hilary all about how much he loves her.

“I can’t imagine this last year without you to Clorox groceries and avoid the world with,” he wrote along side a picture from their wedding. “When I asked you to be my wife, we had no idea our first year would look like this…They always say ‘the first year is the hardest,’ but in our case it was for completely different reasons and I’m so in awe of your badassery.”

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Matthew went on to shout out Hilary for being an amazing mom, individual, wife, and spirit, saying “Thank you for being the most steady, supportive, empathetic, loving, and passionate. Thank you for the endless hours of indulging my obsession with deceased songwriters and pretending it interests you. Thank you for making me drink water and eat breakfast.”

He ended the note musing, “You make me so much better. You make our family what it is. You’re the only thing that makes me cry through the Prozac. I love you.”

Umm, excuse me I need a moment.

Meanwhile, Hilary also posted a sweet shoutout to her husband, writing “Always with you babe. For you. Over and over I choose you and this ♥️ thank you for being a damn good man. Best I’ve ever met.”

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In conclusion, MY HEART.

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