Marnie Simpson reveals she fell pregnant when she and Casey stopped trying to conceive

Marnie Simpson reveals she fell pregnant when she and Casey stopped trying to conceive

November 26, 2021

Marnie Simpson is over the moon to be becoming a mother again with her fiance Casey Johnson – and the star will be detailing her pregnancy in a brand new OK! column.

Writing in the first instalment, Marnie, 29, speaks out about her battle with morning sickness and her hopes for her new family of four. The star also reveals she can't wait to see her two-year-old Rox and new baby "bond". Sign up – for free! – to see what she has to say.

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to my pregnancy column with OK!. I’m really excited to be talking you through the highs and lows of my second pregnancy as Casey and I get ready for the arrival of Rox’s new baby brother or sister next year.

I’ve been asked so many questions along the way about my pregnancy, so I hope that while detailing my journey with OK!, you will be able to relate to what I’m feeling and going through in the weeks to come.

I haven’t really got any worries about this pregnancy, I’m just trying to accustom myself and be as healthy as possible. I am super excited!

It’s always going to be a shock!

When I look back on when Casey and I first found out we were expecting another baby, we were really excited. We both burst out laughing as it was just the right time for us.

Obviously, it’s just always going to be a shock finding out when you’re pregnant, isn’t it? We’re both so happy about it and we’re just over the moon we will have another little one soon.


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How we found out

It’s weird because we were trying to conceive for three months and nothing was happening, and then I got offered a TV show job in Norfolk which will be out in January.

As it was quite a physical show, I said to Casey that we’re going to have to pause the baby-making for a while as I couldn’t be pregnant while doing something so extreme on my body.

I didn’t want anything to ruin it because I was really excited about the show.

When I was there filming, I felt really nauseous towards the end of it. I messaged Casey saying, “Whenever I get on the coach, I feel really sick.”

It was a dance show so my body was active all day long, so I put it down to me doing more exercise than usual.

But my boobs were hurting way more than the rest of my body. I thought it was because I was working out a lot. I thought maybe it was the muscles – I was so confused! So, when I got home, I did a test straight away and it said I was pregnant.

It’s strange though as that month we didn’t even try on purpose. It’s crazy to think that the times we were trying, nothing happened, but when we weren’t, it did happen.

I feel like a lot of people say that when you’re actively trying, it never happens, but when you relax and put it out of your mind for a bit, it does. I never believed that before, but now I do!

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My battle with nausea

I’m feeling a lot better. I’m having good days and bad days with nausea but I’m hanging in there. My first pregnancy was completely different, and I think it’s because I'm looking after a toddler as well.

I’m finding myself constantly feeling exhausted and fatigued, and I constantly feel sick. But, I’m really excited about welcoming another baby into our family. I’m just trying to get through it.

I’ve been trying lots to get through the morning sickness. I've been drinking ginger tea, sucking on mints, and I have a travel sickness band on.

I’m just trying all the normal home remedies, but nothing seems to work if I’m honest. It’s really frustrating! It’s all part of it though. I’ve just got to be strong and get through it. Hopefully, I’ll start feeling better soon.

Mother by nature

When we told our families the baby news, I think they saw it coming. Everyone who knows me well, knows I’ve always wanted two children. I just think it will be so amazing for Rox.

I want him to have a bond with his sibling. I want them to grow up together and go on holidays together as a family. That’s always been my dream.

He doesn’t really get what’s happening just yet, but I think when my belly starts to get a bit bigger, he’ll understand it a bit better.

Upside down

We have just moved into our new house, which is basically upside down! We’re still renovating, so we haven’t really been getting organised with the new baby just yet.

We will probably start on that early next year and try to get their room ready and think about what we will need. Right now, we’re trying to make this house a bit more liveable!

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