‘Manifest’ creator is ‘optimistic’ for a second season

‘Manifest’ creator is ‘optimistic’ for a second season

February 9, 2019

As the final few episodes of the freshman season of NBC series “Manifest” approach, the show’s creator and executive producer has sky-high hopes for a second-season renewal so fans can get their many questions answered.

“I haven’t heard anything yet about a Season 2 pickup but I’m optimistic,” Jeff Rake told Page Six at the Paley Center for Media on Thursday. “We do well. The studio and the network like the show.”

In the show, passengers aboard Montego Air Flight 828 experience a moment of major turbulence before a smooth remainder of the flight. However, when the plane lands, the passengers find that the world has aged five years while they are still the same age.

Rake, who also worked on now-defunct shows “Bones” and “Beauty and the Beast,” said that because the series airs on NBC but is owned by Warner Bros., a decision for renewal takes a bit longer.

“I wouldn’t read too much into it,” he said. “I’m hearing lots of positive murmurs and I’m bullish that we’ll be back.”

While the storyline has thus far been up in the air (pardon the airplane pun), Rake knows exactly how the plot is meant to play out.

“Yes I know how the series is going to end,” he told us. “I’ve known from the beginning when I pitched the show to NBC … It was important for them to know that I had a road map … so I have a plan.”

The stars of the show are also looking forward.

Melissa Roxburgh told us there is a strong potential for sparks to fly between her character, Michaela Stone, and newbie Zeke (played by Matt Long.)

“Michaela and Zeke share this friendship first and foremost. They both have gone through the same thing, they’re there for each other and if that develops into something more I wouldn’t be surprised,” she said.

J.R. Ramirez hopes that if a new season goes into production, the show will explore more of the history his character, Jared Vasquez, and Michaela shared before Montego Air Flight 828.

“Manifest” airs on Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC. The season finale will air Feb. 18.

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