Love Island’s India Reynolds hits out at trolls after she ‘spelt Dubai wrong’

Love Island’s India Reynolds hits out at trolls after she ‘spelt Dubai wrong’

November 16, 2019

Love Island finalist India Reynolds has shut down trolls complaints about her spelling of Dubai.

The Love Islander come under fire from critics who accused of her of spelling Dubai wrong when she took to Instagram to share a bikini selfie from the gorgeous destination.

She had captioned the post: "Dubae."

India had no qualms pointing out it was a bad pun on her behalf when she told her trolls she knew how to spell the sizzling holiday hotspot.

In an tirade, she typed off: "Shall we all calm down… I know how to spell 'Dubai'.

"It clearly wasn't that punny… but it gets like that sometimes."

Fans had swamped her bikini post with criticism about her spelling of Dubai.

"It's Dubai learn how to spell," one fan wrote.

"Its Dubai," another clarified.

A sarcastic follower penned: "I want to go but can’t find Dubae on for any flights have I spelt it wrong ?"

It comes after she got candid on social media about not being able to fit in her dream pair of denim shorts she had taken on holiday.

The brunette babe said she hadn't trained in six months after also packing a pair of training shorts that she takes everywhere with her but rarely uses.

Coming into the villa late in the game, she quickly turned Ovie Soko's head and coupled up with the hunky basketball player.

The pair recently called it quits, with India saying she's "not really" OK during last night's star-studded ITV Palooza.

Taking to social media, she shared two snaps of her denim and training shorts with her million followers.

The beauty, on the snap of her training shorts, wrote: "Everywhere I go I pack gym stuff…'in case I want to train.

"I've not trained for six months in England why on earth would I suddenly start when I'm in beautiful sunshine surrounded by cocktails?"

She continued her self-questioning over a picture of some vintage-looking denim shorts: "Also always pack the denim shorts that don't fit…ever hopeful.

"Because after a 7 hour plane ride when you've got Kim K's swollen pregnant ankles and eaten all the food they'll be sliding right on."

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