Love Island’s Demi Jones supports Hollyoaks’ Abi Phillips amid thyroid cancer diagnosis

Love Island’s Demi Jones supports Hollyoaks’ Abi Phillips amid thyroid cancer diagnosis

May 10, 2022

Love Island star Demi Jones has shared her support for Hollyoaks actress Abi Phillips after she spoke about her thyroid cancer diagnosis on Monday.

The 23 year old received the same diagnosis last year after doctors noticed a golf ball-sized lump in her neck and was treated in September before she was given the all-clear by doctors three months later.

While Abi revealed that she had initially been told not to worry about any potential cancer by a doctor before her diagnosis, she pushed for a second opinion after seeing Demi talk about her own tumours openly.

Taking to Instagram Stories, Demi reposted the 28 year old’s photo and caption in response as she wrote: “So pleased my Cancer story is helping others to get diagnosed more quickly with Thyroid Cancer and getting it treated and removed!

“Sending my love to @abiphillipsuk #checkyourbody.”

The former reality contestant uploaded a clip also after showing Abi some love, urging followers to speak up about any irregularities they might notice with their bodies and get themselves checked as she continued to speak on cancer awareness.

“Even though it's been a whole year since I started my cancer journey, I still get messaged every single day without fail, from women who have been through it, are going through it, who have found lumps, asking questions, asking for help,” Demi said.

“Or saying, "thank you for raising awareness", and helping them come to terms with their body and giving them confidence and reassurance through their cancer journeys.

“I just want to say I'm so grateful for everyone that messages me. Obviously I can't get round to replying to everyone because I get so many messages about it.

“But I just want to say I'm sending all my love and support to all the thyroid cancer girls that have gone through it or are going through it, or have been recently diagnosed. I'm sending all my love to you.”

Demi ended the video by directing her followers to the Thyroid Cancer Trust and The Butterfly Cancer Trust before she also promised that “it gets better” as she flashed her keloid scar from her thyroid cancer surgery.

The TV star told OK! in March that she “will never be the same” after battling thyroid cancer as she said: “The people I've spoken to with cancer, we always say there's life before cancer and there's life after cancer and it's never the same.

“You have to differentiate your life in two sections, so I'm learning to live with it and I'm learning to live with side effects and everything. But everything is going brilliant.”

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