Love Island’s Amber hits out at Indiyah for breaking girl code with Dami: ‘I was right!’

Love Island’s Amber hits out at Indiyah for breaking girl code with Dami: ‘I was right!’

July 12, 2022

Love Island's Amber Beckford has hit out at Indiyah Polack for breaking girl code when she coupled up with Dami Hope after she was dumped from the villa.

The 24 year old was in a couple with Dami, 26, until she was booted from the show alongside 23 year old Indiyah's partner Ikenna Ekwonna, also 23.

But unbeknownst to the dumped pair, Dami and Indiyah were plotting to break up with them and couple up with each other anyway.

Amber has now exclusively told OK! that she is "upset" with Indiyah for not telling her of her intentions beforehand, and that her "gut instinct was right" about Dami.

The nanny said: "Even though I got on with everybody really well in the villa, I did have a special connection with Dami. We just got on so well, and there were no other boys in the house that I wanted to invest any of my energy into.

"I did have a few doubts about his intentions, however. I went in there hoping to find someone long-term – something that would work on the outside too – but I saw red flags in Dami, which I did express to him several times on the show, but he consistently reassured me.

"That’s what made me want to open up to him more and more, but once I’d done that and left the show, I thought ‘Oh sh**, my gut instinct was right’. Clearly our connection wasn’t as great as I’d thought."

Discussing Dami's pairing with Indiyah, she continued: "I was really shocked and quite hurt to see how fast Dami moved on with Indiyah, and even more so to find out that a lot of their flirty conversations had happened whilst I was in the villa.

"I mean, it’s Love Island – I did not expect them to stay single the whole time – but equally, I would have appreciated a heads up from either Dami or Indiyah beforehand that they were into each other.

"I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit upset that she hadn’t indicated her intentions to me whilst I was in the villa because we were friends, but at the same time, we go in there on our own, so I get that unexpected things happen so fast."

But trouble soon hit paradise for Dami and Indiyah when they faced the ITV2 dating show's infamous Casa Amor twist, which saw Dami recouple with Summer Botwe while Indiyah brought Deji Adeniyi back to the main villa.

Amber said: "I absolutely predicted Dami’s behaviour in Casa Amor. I wasn’t shocked at all – it completely reiterated all the red flags I’d seen in him. As much as I didn’t want to say ‘I told you so’, I told you so!

"I do feel like the other girls massively encouraged Indiyah to open up to some of the Casa Amor boys.

"If she didn’t have them in her ear, I’m not sure she’d have brought Deji back into the villa.

"I’m glad she did, so she wasn’t stood there on her own. She went about it very respectfully by not kissing him, which I think in a way made it worse for Dami. What can I say? Karma is a b***h."

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub


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