Lord Sugar slams Piers Morgan for ‘crowing without giving the solution’ after Putin tweets

Lord Sugar slams Piers Morgan for ‘crowing without giving the solution’ after Putin tweets

March 10, 2022

Alan Sugar brands Dan Wootton's question 'stupid'

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The Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar has taken to Twitter to slam Piers Morgan for “crowing” over the war in Ukraine yesterday. The business magnate, 74, demanded that the former Good Morning Britain presenter, 56, should come up with “solutions” to the conflict, instead of “crowing” over the humanitarian crisis in the country.

You can’t keep crowing without giving the solution

Alan Sugar

The political advisor didn’t hold back when it came to commenting on Piers’ tweet, as he demanded that he do more than “crow” over the issue.

In view of his 5.2 million fans, Lord Sugar hit back: “And do what?

“Give the solution.

“You can’t keep crowing without giving the solution,” he added.

The former Life Stories host wrote back: “NATO is the greatest collective military power in the history of Planet Earth. We should use it. Now.”

The Apprentice star’s tweet came in response to a post Piers had shared yesterday evening.

The former newspaper editor continued to air his views on the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with his 7.9 million followers.

Piers fumed: “FFS,” (sic) followed by a row of angry faces.

“How can we ignore this?

“The world must stand up to Putin, and we need leaders with the guts to do it,” he finished.

Piers also shared a post from independent journalist, Olga Tokariuk, who had posted a series of harrowing images of injured civilians from Ukraine.

She wrote: “Watch this, world. Watch pregnant Ukrainian women with their faces covered in blood.

“Watch facilities for newborn babies destroyed.

“Watch dead bodies buried in a mass grave because of incessant bombardment of Mariupol.

“You enabled Putin for years, and it’s the result,” she ended her post.

It comes as Russia issued a strike on a children’s hospital and maternity ward in Mariupol yesterday.

It’s the second time the business magnate demanded Piers “provide answers” after accusing him of “spouting off” over the issue.

Yesterday, Piers wrote: “This is so f******g disgusting. Putin’s a genocidal monster deliberately slaughtering women & babies.

“At what point do we stop watching him commit these sickening war crimes and do something to stop him?

“Our cowardly inaction is shameful & pathetic,” he added while sharing a post from Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelenskyy following yesterday’s bombings.

Lord Sugar hit back: “Once again what do suggest to stop him. It’s all very well spouting off but you need to provide the answer.”

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