Lionel Richie Launches ‘Hello’ Fragrance Collection

Lionel Richie Launches ‘Hello’ Fragrance Collection

November 25, 2019

Singer and “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie has launched his first his and her fragrance collection called HELLO By Lionel Richie.

Both fragrances are available on The scents were inspired by Richie’s international travels and his passion for music.

According to a press release, each product — the women’s Eau de Parfum and the men’s Eau de Toilette, have three layers of scents that combine to produce “elegant, rich and modern aromas.”

The women’s Eau de Parfum comes in a translucent pearl bottle with gold latticework. It has notes of pear, lemon and grapefruit; jasmine and tuberose; and honey and patchouli.

The men’s Eau de Toilette has grapefruit, bitter orange, mint; lavender and violet; and patchouli and vetiver, a fragrant grass.

“I’ve always looked at fragrance as a way to express yourself, so I wanted to take my creative expression one step further and decided to craft my very own fragrances,” Richie said.

“While working through this process, I realized there are many similarities between songwriting and fragrance creation — the notes have to work together,” he adds. “I merged my own style and the embodiment of my love songs to create a fragrance collection I’m proud to share with fans and people around the world.”

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