Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Running Her Nightclubs: ‘It Has Nothing To Do With My Past’

Lindsay Lohan Opens Up About Running Her Nightclubs: ‘It Has Nothing To Do With My Past’

January 9, 2019

On Tuesday evening, Lindsay Lohan will return to the spotlight in her new reality television series Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on MTV. Ahead of the premiere, the Mean Girls star spoke with Entertainment Tonight about what it’s like to run her own chain of beach resorts/nightclubs given her party-filled past.

The actress is now the owner of two larger international resorts: Lohan Beach House Mykonos on the Greek island, which the reality series will feature, and Lohan Beach House Rhodes in Ialisos Beach, Rhodes. Despite the businesses’ success so far, critics have wondered if working in nightlife will dig up Lohan’s previous life of heavy partying and embarrassing tabloid moments.

“That was so in my past,” Lohan said of the several headlines she appeared in after nights out with friends in the early 2000s. “Most of my friends [now], actually, who own nightclubs and stuff aren’t drinkers or anything.”

The actress had spent time in rehab on several occasions and ran into trouble with the law for cocaine possession, theft, a DUI, and a hit-and-run. She was involved in court hearings and earned jail time, as well as a period on house arrest, according to Variety. Lohan now insists that her past stays in the past, as it was 10 years ago and she is different now.

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“Because I’m running the show, I have to be on it and I have to keep myself busy. It’s more fun to watch other people have their own fun with what they’re doing. There’s no judgment in it though. It has nothing to do with my past,” Lohan continued.

As the boss in her new business ventures, Lohan said that she aims to be “focused, caring and tough.” She wants her nightclub to be the best, which meant hand-picking a team of VIP hosts and staff members that will be featured heavily on the show.

According to MTV, the series will follow Lohan’s eight American ambassadors as they staff the club and its restaurant. The actress suspects that there will be tons of drama as the team works to bring her vision to life.

“I mean, [the hosts] it’s their first time in Mykonos coming from America,” Lohan said. “That in itself is enough, and they’re on camera now, and so everyone’s different and I see that and I recognize that. But for me, the camera’s flipped. So I’m kind of depicting how much drama, how little [or] how less.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club will air on Tuesday, January 8 at 8/7c on MTV.

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