Lil Nas X adopts two kittens: ‘I’m the father who stepped up’

Lil Nas X adopts two kittens: ‘I’m the father who stepped up’

February 21, 2023

I am completely a cat person and believe they truly should be the ones who occupy dogs’ exalted place in our society. And when I find out someone else is also a cat person, it makes me like them more. So as if I didn’t like Lil Nas X enough, he’s now a cat dad since he adopted two kittens: Desani and Zephard. Both look to be tabbies, one orange and one gray, and both are completely adorable.

Lil Nas X is expanding his family.

The “That’s What I Want” singer, 23, announced he adopted two cats on social media by sharing photos of their adorable photo shoot and tweeting, “i’m not their step father, im the father who stepped up!”

In the photos, the two-time Grammy winner posed in a brown striped single-breasted blazer with matching trousers from Moschino’s pre-fall 2023 collection and accessorized the look with a large brown striped turban. The two cats were also dressed in matching brown outfits with large white lace collars.

The rapper holds up the cats in various images, showing them to the camera, and even shared a shot of one of the cats placing a paw on his nose and scratching him — with his reaction afterward. He teased the photo on Instagram, writing, “swipe to watch one of my cats scratch tf out of my nose.”

The cats — named Desani and Zephard — have opposite colorings, with one having dark gray fur with tufts of orange, white and light gray and the other orange and white fur.

Lil Nas X also uploaded a cute closeup of the two felines napping in a car side-by-side on his Instagram Story, though he didn’t give any information on how he came across the felines and adopted them.

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I love that he did a cute little photo shoot with his children. Though I do wonder how long those little lace collars lasted before those two little cats tore them to shreds. Anyway, I’m glad Lil Nas X got cats! They’re great companions and I always feel terrible that they seem to be a lot harder to home and are adopted at a much lower rate than dogs. It’s also great that he got two so they can keep each other company when he’s traveling. Although, some cats do have the disposition for travel. My cat is pretty easygoing about new places and since the pandemic/remote work she prefers to travel with me rather than staying behind. Maybe these little guys will be the same. And it is definitely a lot easier to travel with pets when you have celeb resources. Lil Nas X expressed some lukewarm views on cats in the past, but it appears he’s changed and I think he’ll be a great pet parent.

— i am reading all that (@LilNasX) February 16, 2023

— i am reading all that (@LilNasX) February 16, 2023

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