LenDale White Rips NCAA Over Reggie Bush Heisman Drama, 'It's Despicable'

LenDale White Rips NCAA Over Reggie Bush Heisman Drama, 'It's Despicable'

September 26, 2022

Reggie Bush still doesn’t have his Heisman Trophy back — and his old USC teammate, LenDale White, is still furious over it … saying the NCAA “looks absolutely foolish” for its role in it all.

Bush initially earned the trophy back in 2005 — but it was pulled from him after investigators found he and his family received impermissible benefits during his time as a Trojan.

But, following the implementation of the new name, image and likeness rules in 2021, Bush argued it should be returned.

Reggie Bush Won't Get Heisman Trophy Back Despite New NIL Rule, NCAA Says

The Heisman Trust said it would have no issues with that if the NCAA reinstated his status — but the org. declined to do so … and White said he LOATHES that it’s effectively barring Bush from getting the trophy by doing that.

“It’s despicable,” said the former Trojans tailback, who was in the TMZ office with former NFL star Chris Johnson. “When you think about it, obviously we know he made a mistake back then and he paid for it. He knows it. It was 20 years. Now, it’s time to just finally welcome him back. It’s been too long.”

Bush himself would clearly still welcome the award back to his mantle — in fact, he just recently starred in a Wendy’s commercial poking fun at the NCAA over the drama.

White says he’s optimistic the organization will eventually come around on the issue … and help return the trophy to Bush.

“Hopefully, they come within their senses,” he said, “and make something right.”

Johnson and White spoke about a bunch of other hot-button NFL topics in a lengthy chat with Babcock … check out the full interview below!

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