Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott May Have Gotten Engaged And Are Ready For Baby #2

Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott May Have Gotten Engaged And Are Ready For Baby #2

February 4, 2019

People is reporting that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may be planning on putting another demonic embryo inside a virgin human host and waiting for it to gestate before sacrificing their prisoner and placing the malefic energy into Kylie’s own womb for birth. …Or maybe they’ll just bang and she’ll get knocked up by accident again?

One day after she made a big deal out of daughter Stormi Webster‘s first birthday, Kylie posted more nothingness to social media because a birthday is only 24-hours and she needs to keep the publicity going 24/7 or Kris Jenner‘s life-force slowly begins to fade. Kris got a big power boost from this:

And this:

But she needed more, so Kylie made this stunt queen post for her followers to cream themselves over:

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baby #2?

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Baby #2 is that Birkin bag which costs more than raising an actual child.

While everyone was like “OMG is this bitch pregnant again?!” she was quick to respond to a fan asking if she was pregnant, and let them know it was just a stunt with a casual “no lol.” We’ve been hearing about these two spawning more children for a while now, and last month a source said to People that “Kylie wants a big family”:

“They want another baby… Travis has been adjusting his work schedule so he can spend as much time [as possible] with Kylie and Stormi. There will definitely be another baby sooner rather than later.”

Travis also gave a shout out to Stormi during his performance at the Super Bowl, saying:

“This is a special day… It’s my daughter’s birthday! Let’s go Stormi!”

And People also reports that the world seems to think Travis proposed to Kylie sometime in the recent past, as they decided to decode a picture of Kylie from the big night. Kylie showed up to the Super Bowl in a fur jacket, black sweater, black leather pants and a giant honking ring on THAT finger. You know what that means! …A rich attention whore wore an expensive ring on her left ring finger!

Look at Kylie go. Not only did Travis Scott get some sweet, sweet NFL Halftime money despite every rapper and R&B star with influence suggesting he not sell out, she also got two free days of promo from her daughter’s birthday and subsequent new baby rumor, and then she got people asking if she’s engaged! Wow. The demon possessing Kris Jenner and giving her power is going to eat well this week. No wonder Kylie is the favorite.

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