Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash: Late Pilot’s Rep Blames Passengers for Tragic Accident

Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash: Late Pilot’s Rep Blames Passengers for Tragic Accident

May 11, 2020

A representative for late pilot Ara George Zobayan, who was flying the aircraft that crashed in late January, killing Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and 7 other passengers, has issued a shocking response to Vanessa Bryant‘s lawsuit claiming plaintiff negligence is the reason for the crash.

The representative of pilot Ara George Zobayan issued a response to Vanessa Bryant‘s lawsuit against Ara and the helicopter company, Island Express, saying (via TMZ), “Any injuries or damages to plaintiffs and/or their decedent were directly caused in full or in part by the negligence or fault of plaintiffs and/or their decedent, including their knowing and voluntary encounter with the risks involved, and that this negligence was a substantial factor in causing their purported damages, for which this answering defendant bears no responsibility.”

The response does not directly address how the passengers could have possibly been negligent during the flight.

Vanessa‘s lawsuit cited the “negligence by the pilot and the aircraft’s operating company.” In her documents, Vanessa says that pilots and law enforcement had been grounded on the day of the crash due to the conditions, but the pilot requested – and received – permission to fly.

According to the papers filed by Vanessa, Island Express’ FAA operating certificate did not allow pilots to fly during conditions like those on the day of the crash. The pilot had already allegedly been cited by the FAA for violating this rule in the past.

The pilot was reportedly flying at 184 mph in foggy conditions before the terrible accident.

Vanessa has been dealing with so much since this tragedy, and we wish their family continued support during this time.

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