Kim Kardashian Trolls Kris Jenner For ‘Milking’ Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Cameo

Kim Kardashian Trolls Kris Jenner For ‘Milking’ Her ‘Thank U, Next’ Cameo

December 6, 2018

Unlike the other moms, she might be a cool mom but that doesn’t stop Kris Jenner’s kids from poking fun at her from time to time.

Last week, the Kardashian matriarch nearly broke the internet with her cameo in Ariana Grande’s music video for her new, hit song “Thank U, Next.” As the Inquisitr reported last week, Grande’s new video features scenes from her favorite movies including Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30, Legally Blonde, and Bring It On. And along with other celeb cameos, Grande enlisted the help of Jenner to play the role of the cool mom in a Mean Girls clip.

In the scene, Grande is dancing with pals in a Santa skirt, hat, and top, mirroring the same scene made famous in Mean Girls. Jenner, who can be seen in a pink velour tracksuit, records Grande and her pals before she busts a dance move in the aisle of the auditorium. Jenner has already posted the clip on her Instagram page and the same day, Kim Kardashian shared a video of Jenner watching the video on her Instagram story.

And according to Kim, Kris is still basking in the spotlight after her music video debut. Earlier today, the reality star took to her Twitter account to share with fans that her mom is totally milking her appearance in the video.

“I’m in a huge meeting and my mom just said ‘thank you, next’ to everyone. She’s really milking this guys,” Kim tweeted.

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I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom. thank u, next. ???? #LinkinBio #ThankUNextBitch #arianagrande #proudmama @arianagrande #thankunextvideo

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So far, the tweet has earned Kardashian a ton of attention with over 1,000 comments, 25,000 retweets, and an impressive 265,o00 favorites. Some fans commented on Kim’s post with GIFs from the music video while countless others chimed in to let Kim know that they love Kris in it.

“Kris Jenner is such an icon I swear lol,” one fan wrote.

“As she should! She was incredible!!! Go @KrisJenner!”

“Would she even be Kris if she didn’t? We love an iconic queen,” one more commented.

And while Kris Jenner’s new found career in music seems to be going very well, so does her relationship with boyfriend Corey Gamble. As the Inquisitr shared a few weeks ago, the mother of six took to Instagram to wish Gamble a happy birthday with a sweet photo and caption to go along with it.

“Happy birthday to my Ride or Die!! You are amazing babe @Coreygamble I love you! Thank you for everything you do for all of us… you are always holding it down!”

Obviously, Kris Jenner is on top of the world. Thank you, next.

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