Khloe Kardashian Mocked Over ‘Dirty’ White Tongue in New Selfie

Khloe Kardashian Mocked Over ‘Dirty’ White Tongue in New Selfie

May 29, 2023

The fun and silly selfie post that is slandered by fans sees the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ alum sticking her tongue out while posing with her daughter and her niece.

AceShowbizKhloe Kardashian has been mocked over her “dirty” white tongue. Shortly after putting out a post containing her fun and silly selfie with her daughter and her niece, the series regular of “The Kardashians” found herself being hit with criticisms by many of her fans.

On Thursday, May 25, the 38-year-old let out on Instagram photos of her having fun watching “The Little Mermaid (2023)” with the youngest members of her extended family. Joining her in various pictures were her daughter True, Kim Kardashian‘s daughter North, Rob Kardashian‘s daughter Dream and Kourtney Kardashian‘s son Reign.

In the post captioned, “The Little Mermaid,” one photo stood out among the rest. It saw Khloe sticking out her white tongue. Noticing the look, her followers could not help but jeer the reality TV star. In the comments section, one in particular reminded the star, “Clean your tongue khloe.. it looks so dirty [face with open mouth vomiting emoji].”

Similar trolling could be seen in others’ comments. A second one pointed out, “Khloe forgot to brush her tongue. mule take care.” A third bluntly chided the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum, “Yuck khloe your tounge is white!” A fourth penned, “Your tongue should be pink not white coated.”

While many were picking at Khloe, one Reddit user offered an insight on what might have caused the reality star’s white tongue. The user explained, “I had a friend at school whose tongue always looked like this, so I looked it up back then. Literally a never-ending list of possibilities – many of them related to digestive tract.”

Still, there were many who were appreciative of Khloe. Among those was her older sister Kim who exclaimed in one comment, “Omg I miss you guys!!!” and thanked her in another comment, “Thanks for holding it down.”

There was also a fan who praised Khloe, “Khloe, u are the BEST mommy, daughter, auntie, friend and the sweetest human being someone could ever have around. I love u with all my heart.” Another one positively joined in, “Khloe and babies.. she is just perfect with them always.”

A third, meanwhile, asked, “I’m always wondering .. why is dream always with Khloe but where’s rob ? I love to see a active auntie as my kids don’t have that but I’m always wondering where Rob is since dream is always pictured with True and Khloe.”

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