Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Reach Divorce Settlement

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock Reach Divorce Settlement

March 8, 2022

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock have FINALLY settled their bitter divorce case, and Kelly’s walking away with the lion’s share of assets, although he’s getting a pretty penny in support.

L.A. Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon has just signed off on the terms. Kelly will have primary custody of their 2 kids. Brandon, who lives in Montana, will have the kids one weekend a month … at least for now.

Speaking of Montana, as we reported, Kelly will keep the Montana ranch, but Brandon is allowed to live there until June 1. He must, however, pay her rent — $12,500 a month.

If Brandon moves from Montana to another state, the custody arrangement will be reevaluated.

As we reported, Brandon challenged their prenup, but after a trial the judge affirmed its validity — and that was a big win for Kelly. We’re told she makes around $20 mil a year, and that’s all hers.

Brandon will get spousal support — $115,000 a month — but that ends in January 2024.

He also gets $45,600 a month in child support. Although he only gets the kids 1 weekend a month, the amount reflects the overhead he has to pay to ensure the kids can stay comfortably. Kelly’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, can go back into court and ask for an adjustment if, say, Brandon moves somewhere else and the overhead expenses changes.

She’s also paying him $1.3 million as part of the settlement.

It’s pretty ironic … on the heels of getting the settlement finalized, Kelly sang “I Will Always Love You” at the ACM Awards Monday night. If she was singing to anyone, it was clearly Dolly Parton and not Brandon.

The judge restored their single status back in September. The judge also removed Blackstock from Kelly’s name, and she now goes by Kelly Brianne. Brianne is her middle name, and although professionally she’ll still be known as Kelly Clarkson, legally she has dropped Clarkson. It appears she made the change because she is not a fan of her father.

Finally, case closed.

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