Keanu Reeves Said the Biggest Movie Star He's Friends With Is a Co-Star He Had a Crush On

Keanu Reeves Said the Biggest Movie Star He's Friends With Is a Co-Star He Had a Crush On

November 29, 2020

Keanu Reeves has plenty of famous friends, but he once said his biggest movie star pal is also a female co-star that he had a huge crush on. Find out who Reeves counts as one of his best celeb friends.

Keanu Reeves still keeps in touch with this co-star

During a 2014 Reddit AMA session, Reeves was asked about his famous friends and he shared that he’s very close with one of his co-stars.

When a fan asked, “Who’s the biggest movie star that you’re friends with?,” Reeves had to think about it, saying, “HMMMM. Heheh!”

“Uh, let’s see,” he continued, “The biggest movie star I’m friends with would be … uh … Sandra Bullock! Yeah, through the years we kinda get together, have a dinner, catch up, see how it’s going.”

Fans loved that Reeves and Bullock have continued to remain close over the years, with one commenting, “She’s so lovely — nice to have a friend like that.”

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves admitted they had crushes on each other

Both actors shared their love for each other during separate interviews with Ellen DeGeneres. During a 2018 interview on the talk show, Bullock said, when describing the experience of working on Speed, “I think about how sweet Keanu Reeves was and how handsome he was. It was hard. It was really hard for me to really be serious. He’d look at me and I’d [giggle].”

“There was just something about me that I guess he didn’t like,” she explained as the reason they didn’t date. “I think it’s true … I think we’re probably friends for that long because we didn’t…”

In 2019, Reeves shared with DeGeneres how he also had a crush on Bullock when they made Speed.

“She obviously didn’t know I had a crush on her, either,” Reeves said. As for why they never pursued a romantic relationship, he said, “We were working!”

Reeves added, “It was nice to go to work. She’s such a wonderful person, such a wonderful actress.”

Their chemistry was evident off-screen

In response to Reeves sharing details of his continued friendship with Bullock, one fan remarked during the AMA session, “Your on-screen chemistry with Sandra in Speed was more obvious and authentic than any other male/female duo I’ve ever seen.”

Their off-screen chemistry was seen in a 1994 video, where Reeves discussed working with Bullock, saying, “Ah, she’s a beautiful lady. Yeah, very beautiful, giving … She has such a wonderful energy about her and light.”

He continued, “It’s just wherever she goes, she really gives and wants things to be … springtime. So, I don’t know. I’ve enjoyed her company immensely.”

“Oh yeah, and she’s a really great actress too … she’s brought a very, you know, she’s been fighting the direction of just being like, the complete damsel in distress,” Reeves added.

While Reeves answered a question, Bullock crashed the interview and the two had a playful hug together before he complimented her top, and she asked him how he was doing. It’s a cute moment that definitely proves their chemistry was next-level.

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