Katy Perry said words about abortion while supporting an anti-choice candidate

Katy Perry said words about abortion while supporting an anti-choice candidate

July 5, 2022

Many celebrity women – and many American women in general – felt unsettled and angry during this year’s Fourth of July holiday weekend. I certainly didn’t feel like celebrating. There was a real lack of joy and patriotism as American women found themselves second-class citizens, with their lives and families being dismantled by Christofascist authoritarianism. Katy Perry decided to try to say something about the mood. She bungled it.

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) July 4, 2022

First off, Katy just has convoluted tweets. I remember when she was trying to tweet shady sh-t about Taylor Swift back in the day, and it was like Katy never learned how to structure a sentence. As for the substance of the tweet… as many pointed out online, Katy is one of the LA-based celebrities supporting Rick Caruso’s mayoral candidacy in Los Angeles. Caruso is a billionaire douche with a long history of supporting anti-choice candidates and anti-choice legislation. He’s up against Karen Bass in November’s runoff election. Caruso is a former Republican and he’s closely aligned with the LAPD.

Now, can Katy still support reproductive choice AND cape for an anti-choice candidate? I mean… f–k this. I’m not going to defend her. This sucks, and I hope she publicly withdraws her support for Caruso and apologizes with a big donation to an abortion provider.

Kim Kardashian is another Rick Caruso supporter. She posted this on her IG Stories. Ladies, come on.

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