Katie Price's surgeon warns that she's 'dicing with death' as she jets off for more plastic surgery

Katie Price's surgeon warns that she's 'dicing with death' as she jets off for more plastic surgery

April 27, 2019

Katie Price’s surgeon has warned that she is “dicing with death” by opting for more plastic surgery.

The 40-year-old reality TV star is believed to have jetted off to Turkey where she is reportedly set to have a facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction and bum implants but Dr Tijion Esho, who recently met with Katie, says he warned her about the dangers of having more surgery.

He told MirrorOnline: “It’s disappointing news that Katie has gone to have more surgery after her recent visit where I advised her not to have further surgery.

“Her partner [Kris Boyson] sought my help while filming for their new show to help convince her not to have further surgery.

“With the list of treatments she is having and her prior history of surgery she is a great risk of further scarring, infection, blood clots and specifically death from a fatal fat embolus.

“In addition to this there will further risks from a prolong general aesthetic which include MI [a myocardial infarction – otherwise known as a heart attack], stroke and pulmonary embolism.”

Katie has already undergone several procedures in the past including face lifts, breast implants, and a nose job, but has insisted she isn’t addicted to cosmetic surgery.

Asked whether she’d developed an addiction, Katie previously said: “Definitely not. I’ve seen psychologists about it for a TV show and they said I wasn’t.

“I just look to improve how I look. I just seem like I have loads of work done because I’m open about it.

“I was talking to a well-known celebrity recently and I asked her where she gets her lips and fillers done, and she was like: ‘Me? I don’t have it done.’ And it’s so obvious that she does! Why deny it? I was like: ‘Yes you do!'”

On top of her surgical procedures, Katie has also had over 10 non-surgical bum lifts.

After her 11th lift last year, Katie wrote on Instagram: “Got the amazing @ShaneCooperUK doing my bum lift with LipoFirm pro Focusing on skin tightening, fat and cellulite reduction to contour my body! Love his bespoke treatments (sic)”

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