Katie Price reveals how kids are EMBARRASSED over her school-run antics

Katie Price reveals how kids are EMBARRASSED over her school-run antics

April 14, 2019

The 40-year-old has come under fire many times in her career, but it sounds like her kids may be her biggest critics.

Revealing the thoughts of her children, Katie Price spilled on how they’ve reacted to her trips to their school.

The mother-of-five now has her four of her children part time as a result of her divorces, but it doesn’t stop her from “embarrassing” her children.

Speaking to Daily Star Online at her kidswear fashion show, Princess and Bunny Boutique, she joked about her children’s reaction to her own clothes.

“They get embarrassed when I pull up in a pink car”

Katie Price

Admitting she tends to wear her pink fluffy sliders to pick them up from school, she revealed her children are embarrassed of Katie picking them up from school.

She said: “They don’t even like me picking them up from school.

“They get embarrassed when I pull up in a pink car.”

However, it’s not an every day occurrence for her youngsters, as Katie reveals she spends a lot of time focusing on her work now that she splits childcare.

She said: “Now I share the kids half and half, which I hate, but that’s what happens when you get a divorce.

“I like having the time on my own – I joined a gym and spa, though I haven’t actually stepped into the gym yet.”

While Katie’s heartbroken over her children being split between her and her ex hubby’s, it hasn’t made her want more children – though she is broody.

She explained: “I’m always broody. I want to adopt – I’d love more babies.

“I’m not going to have any though, I’m in a good place now and I’m starting again.”

Although she’s ruled out babies, she still has her eyes on getting married again.

We previously revealed Katie is always open to getting married again, confirming she’s a “hopeless romantic”.

For now, it doesn’t sound like she’s getting married to her beau Kris Boyson – but only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Katie’s respective clothing boutiques, www.princessandbunny.co.uk and www.juniorandett.co.uk have launched today. 

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