Kate Walsh has been in Western Australia, where it’s safe, living her best life since March

Kate Walsh has been in Western Australia, where it’s safe, living her best life since March

October 22, 2020

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Thanks to Australian reader Bianca for sending us this story in the local press about Kate Walsh’s lucky life in Western Australia. Kate just happened to be on vacation in Perth in March when lockdown started. Apparently Western Australia is extremely safe for people, with less than 750 coronavirus cases total, thanks to their premiere, Mark McGowan. Early lockdown and government restrictions have allowed people to resume regular life. Kate has been able to act in their local theater, go to restaurants and of course snorkel, kayak and enjoy the outdoors.

Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh — who has made WA home since the coronavirus pandemic — has heaped praise on Premier Mark McGowan for his “exemplary” handling of the crisis and revealed her plans to bring a streaming show to the State.

Cocooned far away from her home in virus-ravaged New York and family across the US, the actor and producer has felt “fortunate” to have been grounded in WA after an impromptu holiday to Perth in March.

With little choice but to stay when COVID-19 prompted the Federal Government to close international borders, Walsh has since embraced the West Aussie lifestyle after settling in Cottesloe.

“It’s a really tricky time. Mark McGowan handled it so well with locking down and people were vigilant about social distancing, paid attention and adhered to the different lockdown phases.

“I wouldn’t trade anything for being safe. People back home are like ‘what, you don’t wear masks? You’re allowed to go to the gym? You can go to a restaurant?

“As much as I would like to be able to go home and come back, there are surges and different rounds coming. How it’s been handled here, like I said, is so exemplary and I feel very fortunate to be able to have a normal life here.”

The Hollywood star has been making the most of her time in the State, from getting her diving ticket off Rottnest and seeing turtles off Exmouth to soaking up some “Broome time” Walsh has been ticking off bucket list destinations and experiences.

Walsh said another reason she loved WA so much was because it was “literally the only place in the world that’s doing theatre”.

She has featured front and centre in American playwright Sharr White’s Tony-nominated Broadway drama The Other Place at the new Fremantle Theatre Company. The play’s opening night on October 17 was to a sell-out crowd.

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Kate’s next plan is to start a production studio there. That all sounds so relaxing, normal and promising. I can only dream about that sort of lifestyle. Maybe in a year, when things have turned around here, we’ll be able to get back to 75% to 80% of what our lives used to be. I like Kate and while of course I’m jealous of her I’m not mad about it. She’s not gloating because she’s had projects to promote (Umbrella Academy’s second season came out in July and her movie Almost Love started streaming on Netflix earlier this month). She’s been open but lowkey about her Australian lifestyle. Kate also has a movie with Liam Neeson, Honest Thief, out now in theaters. Bet she doesn’t miss being here at all. Who would?

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It’s the trying to start a conversation before I’ve had my morning coffee for me… If u haven’t already, watch @AlmostLoveMovie on @Netflix now ❤️

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