Kanye West ‘smitten and maybe even submissive’ with wife Bianca, says expert

Kanye West ‘smitten and maybe even submissive’ with wife Bianca, says expert

August 26, 2023

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Kanye West recently made headlines as he was spotted out and about in Florence with his new wife Bianca Censori during a cozy and relaxed date.

According to an expert, the Flashing Lights hitmaker’s new relationship makes him “smitten and maybe even submissive” when comparing his previous appearances before meeting the model.

Body language expert Judi James suggested Censori is the person who has “turned Kanye’s scowl upside down” and the rapper “appears soppy and even slightly shy” around her.

The expert went on to elaborate while Censori is talking, the fashion designer seems to “still made slightly giddy by her presence.”

But James also noted this giddiness could also hint at a change in West’s attitude toward his partner, as he does not appear to be “promoting his alpha credential”.

Instead he “looks really happy sitting listening to her, which, as body language poses go, is a bit of a first for him.”

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The expert added to The Mirror US: “Their set poses might suggest Kanye is still in signature dominant, arrogant and visually dour or sulky mode in this relationship but his more casual and authentic body language with Bianca here hints that the fashionista is actually smitten and maybe even submissive with his wife.”

The comments come after Censori was granted power of attorney to take control of the hip-hop icon’s comeback after his offensive tweets saw him dropped by major labels including Balenciaga and Adidas.

Sources claimed Censori is now in the driver’s seat of his career after West was ‘cancelled’ for making anti-semitic remarks last November.

Documents have now laid out Censori’s key role in their relationship, according to The US Sun.

She was “quietly assigned special power of attorney over one of his properties” in March, the publication reported.

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And a further source claimed she will have more legal responsibilities as their relationship continues.

However, Bianca doesn’t have full control over Kanye’s career just yet as special power of attorney only grants her control over decision-making in specific circumstances, unlike general power of attorney.

Censori has also been tasked with offloading her famous partner’s Hidden Hills property, opposite his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s home, according to a filing from the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder.

He bought the house for $4.5 million back in 2021 in the hopes of staying close to his four kids with The Kardashians star, according to People.

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