Justin Timberlake Reportedly Appears In Janet Jackson’s New Documentary!!!

Justin Timberlake Reportedly Appears In Janet Jackson’s New Documentary!!!

January 26, 2022

Janet Jackson’s documentary is rumored to feature a MAJOR reunion.

The new Lifetime/A&E two-part docuseries Janet Jackson is set to premiere this weekend, and the legendary performer is leaving it all on the table. The revealing film event will cover everything from Janet’s tumultuous love life, to growing up in the shadow of her famous family, to her complicated relationship with her controversial brother Michael Jackson. And of course, it will touch upon the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” at the 2004 Super Bowl with Justin Timberlake.

The incident seemingly had a huge negative impact on Janet’s career, while Justin went on to achieve huge success — even being invited back to headline the 2018 Super Bowl Halftime Show. In the trailer for the doc, the Rhythm Nation artist’s brother and manager Randy Jackson ominously tells her:

“Justin and his team have been trying to contact us about you doing the Super Bowl.”

The trailer leaves us with that tease, but a source familiar with the production has a big scoop about what happens next. They told the Page Six:

“Justin is in it. I was told he is going to be in the documentary. It’s like this big secret. He’s the surprise, just like the Super Bowl.”


This is a huge deal. To see these two together again almost 20 years after that infamous performance? Not only is that must-see TV, we imagine it must have been really cathartic for the 55-year-old to confront JT after all this time. Page Six noted that the two pop icons actually share a publicist, who declined to comment on the rumor… which makes it seem all the more likely! Further, while screeners for the first three hours of the doc have been made available, the production has kept the final hour completely under wraps. A TV insider dished to the outlet:

“Lifetime hasn’t even seen the screener yet!”

This news also makes it more clear as to why Janet wasn’t a fan of the New York Times doc, Malfunction: The Dressing Down of Janet Jackson. Around that premiere, another Page Six insider said the singer was “over” the negative narrative surrounding the event. They explained:

“It didn’t end her career. She still broke records with albums, and she was just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

But Janet’s doc has been in the works for five years, so it seems more likely that she didn’t want the NYT getting involved when she had her own take — with Justin involved — on the way.

In fact, her former stylist Wayne Scot Lukas claimed to Page Six that she was “not interested” in a “‘Free Janet’ documentary.” At the time, he had even filmed his portion of the Lifetime/A&E doc — although, innerestingly, he was asked not to speak on the Super Bowl incident, despite designing the infamous costume. He said:

“She wants to tell her own story. … They’re going to discuss it, and she’ll have her final say. I’m not privy to her final say, I just need to be aware of my story and I’ve been loyal for 18 years.”

Wow. We were already excited to see this doc, but the inclusion of Justin takes things to a whole new level. Can’t wait to tune in!

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