June Shannon Heads to Court for Drug Arrest Hearing, Boyfriend Asks: “What's Up, Pu$$ies?!?”

June Shannon Heads to Court for Drug Arrest Hearing, Boyfriend Asks: “What's Up, Pu$$ies?!?”

September 25, 2019

June Shannon was arraigned in a Macon County Courthouse on Wednesday morning. 

This is normal procedure for anyone arrested on a felony drug possession charge, as June was back in March.

Less normal, however, is the way Shannon and her awful boyfriend, Geno Doak, walked into the courthouse on their way to face a judge.

According to TMZ, which has cameras on hand for the legal hearing, Doak emerged from a SUV in a great/fighting mood.

“What’s up pussies? F-cking queers?!!” Geno yelled, for some reason, after leaving the aforementioned vehicle.

Meanwhile, June herself was bundled up under a hood during the couple’s entrace, while Geno offered a hearty, “F-ck off!” to the celebrity gossip website’s photographer.

Aren’t these two just downright adorable?!?

Shannon and Doak were both taken into custody this spring after they were caught in a loud and ugly argument while sitting at a gas station parking lot.

After being approached by the police, June took full responsibility for all the drugs and the drug paraphernalia that was found inside the vehicle.

The polarizing reality star was then arrested for crack cocaine possession, while Geno was charged with domestic violence.

Both are expected to plead not guilty in court on Thursday.

In related and very unfortunate news, Shannon has turned her entire life upside down and inside out for Doak.

Her family has attempted to stage multiple interventions for the former From Hot to Not star, telling her that she needs professional help and telling her to basically choose between her kids and her violent boyfriend.

She has chosen Doak every time.

As a result, 14-year old Alana (formerly known as Honey Boo Boo) has been living with her older sister, trying to stay as far away from her troubled mother  as possible.

It’s all very sad, really.

Just ask Alana…

“Let me tell y’all how proud i am of myself!” she told followers just this week in a new social media post, adding:

“i have honestly been thought hell and back this year. And i’m still standing!”

Yeah you are, girl! Pat yourself hard on that back.

“i have been doing so good in school,” Alana added. “And just being more happy.”

We’re so very glad to hear it.

With June as a mother, this is a legitmate accomplishment.

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